Dimitar Berbatov has come out to throw his full weight behind ace striker, Vincent Janssen.

This comes on the heels of the former AZ Alkmaar player’ inability to find his form and start scoring for the club.

Janssen was recently signed by Tottenham during the transfer window in summer. However the past few weeks have seen Spurs go low on goals with the absence of their star striker, Harry Kane. Berbatov, believes Janssen would soon adapt to playing at Spurs and begin to score soon enough.

The Bulgarian International, who had once also been in striking position for the Spurs has said it also took him time to adapt to English football. However, when he finally did, he rose to become a star for the Spurs and also go on to score a lot of goals for them.

Berbatov spoke to BBC Radio 5 live. On the subject of the Dutch international, the 35-year-old had this to say:
“You have come to a new environment and a different style of playing. I think he will take a bit of time to get used to his new team-mates, with the football, with everything. But I think he will be fine.

“I have been watching all the games when I can and I think he’s doing fine for the moment.”

At his former club AZ Alkmaar where he was before being signed on by Tottenham, Janssen had scored plenty of goals and on international level, he always is a starter for his country. However, he seems to be finding it a bit tough to settle in and get back his best form for the club.

Tottenham doesn’t seem to be able to have enough patience to wait for the player to find his form as it could cost them a lot in the process.