Dimitar Berbatov discloses conversation with the Black Cats

Dimitar Berbatov discloses that he had a conversation with the Black Cats over the possibility of him joining them in the on-going season, but, the conversation didn’t get to a fruitful conclusion.

It’s been about 9 months now that Berbatov is without any club. The previous time he had featured in a top flight fixture was when he was at PAOK which did not give him an extension to his contract post his debut season there.
Since then, there has been a drought of offers. However, that is not pushing Berbatov towards retirement yet. His desire to play is intact and he is just waiting for someone to hand him a contract.

As per Berbatov, somebody like him who has had such a huge career in soccer and given the fact that his physical fitness remains quite good despite being on the wrong side of thirties, he just doesn’t feel like putting his playing career to an end at all.

Berbatov is not sure how many more seasons he can continue for. He says he is going to take it season by season, week by week, but, right now, it’s just about having an opportunity and while it would have been nice to have that opportunity with Sunderland, he understands that I Love Man Utd there are times when things don’t tend to fall in place and one has to keep patience.

It Sunderland had gone for Berbatov, his innovation upfront might have proved to be quite beneficial for them especially at a time when they are in dire straits and are in desperate need of some positive impetus.
But it didn’t happen and Berbatov’s spell on the side-lines extended even further much to the disappointment of his enormous fan-base which is spread all around the world.