Dimitar Berbatov is still favorites for many Countries

Even though he is an old bloke now and is not playing anywhere close to as well as he is capable of, Dimitar Berbatov is still wanted in some parts of the world and Australia is one of them.

The sources have provided the information that the Aussie top division team Melbourne Victory is negotiating terms with the former Bulgaria international and his club Salonika and the talks are progressing pretty well.

Berbatov, who has always been an erratic but a highly gifted player, has not been able to sparkle the Greek League in the way he was thought to do when he was brought into the Salonika folds.

Four goals in 14 games are not the numbers worthy of his potential and that’s why, the critics have been of the opinion that the veteran is approaching the finishing point of his Football pretty fast.

But, playing in Australia might give a new lease of life to Berbatov. The culture, atmosphere, everything would be different down under and so would be the level of Football.

The Australian league might have grown by leaps and bounds and Berbatov might have been in the twilight of his career. Still, he would find himself one step ahead of the others if he gets there.

The Aussie fans would enjoy his presence too as they don’t often see too many players of his stature playing in their league.

As far as Melbourne Victory is concerned, they are pushing for Berbatov because they would, in all likelihood, be short on overseas players’ options in the 2016-17 Season.

The likes of Kosta and Mathieu would be departing and so would be a few others. So, the Big V is desperately looking around for some new recruits and Berbatov is certainly their best option at the moment.