Fulham are turning out to have one of their worst seasons in recent history after they are slowly slipping down towards the relegation zone.

This has increased the pressure on manager Martin Jol, who has been responsible for bringing together the team’s attacking line-up. It currently features Bulgarian international Dimitar Berbatov and former England star Darren Bent.

Even though the line-up looks extremely good, they have been unable to produce the goods in front of goal. They have not managed more than five goals combined, which has been a major worry for Fulham, and one of the many reasons the best soccer blog have made them one of the favourites for relegation this season.

Even more worrisome is the form of Berbatov, who has had just one goal this season. He has looked disinterested for most of the season, which does not really well for Fulham ahead of the match with Manchester United. They have lost against the Red Devils in the last three occasions at home and their current form looks to put them on course for a fourth defeat. Jol has said that he is confident that he can bring back Berbatov into the mood to play football ahead of this match against his former employers.

“I have to cheer him up sometimes. We talk about nice things and try to be funny. He tries to talk. But don’t forget he is leading by example if things are going well, and that helps. One or two sentences and that is a lot for him because if you know him, he doesn’t speak that much. He is an optimistic person but he looks a bit like that. He doesn’t want to work his socks off because that’s not him,” said Berbatov.

The Bulgarian is regarded as one of the talented footballers in the world, but he is also extremely moody. This was one of the reasons behind his exit from United.