Spurs need to strengthen

Former Tottenham Hotspur forward Dimitar Berbatov believes that the London team will have to invest in new players if they want to challenge for the title. He said that he has watched the game against Arsenal and believes that Spurs was second best throughout the game. The former Manchester United player said that they even scored against the run of play and they do not deserve to win anything from this game.

He said that Tottenham Hotspur will need to strengthen if they want to win trophies or they risk to fall further behind their rivals. He believes that the club is being hindered by the construction of their new stadium and this is why they have not been able to invest money in new players. He said that it is appearing as if the club does not have the squad to cater for both the Champions League as well as the Premier League and this is why they are struggling at the moment.

He said that they made a slow start to the season and that they will need to go on a winning streak if they want to get closer to the team at the head of the table.

Dimitar Berbatov said that it is important that Tottenham Hotspur hold on to its best players if they want to continue their progression. He said that players such as Kane, Alli, Eriksen, and Son are the future of the club and that they need to stay at the club for the long term. He said that it is important that you have a foundation on which to build if you want to become successful.

Dimitar Berbatov believes that Spurs can win the title in the future if they add the right players to the squad.

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